Propelling the stars of tomorrow

Building dreams

Igniting careers

Supporting the next generation of emerging filmmakers

The Talent Fund is a private donation fund dedicated to the discovery, development and promotion of Canada’s next generation of emerging filmmakers and content creators. Telefilm Canada created the Talent Fund in 2012 as a new way of diversifying the industry’s sources of financing. The Fund relies on philanthropic donations from corporations, along with the generosity of individual donors from across the country.

By supporting emerging filmmakers and their productions, the Talent Fund directly encourages and stimulates Canada’s thriving audiovisual industry.

“When I made this movie and saw roughly 40 people of colour on set, that’s the day I really felt I was doing what I need to be doing. A program like Talent to Watch allows you to not only be the artist you want to be, but be the artist you need to be.”


Writer-Director, Black Cop

Investing in the next generation

The Talent Fund supports the production of first feature films and narrative web series through Telefilm Canada’s Talent to Watch Program. The program focuses on creators from indigenous and official-language minority communities, and has been especially successful in its support of women and other underrepresented voices, including visible minority and LGBTQ communities.


Our goal

$25 M

Why get involved

To date, we have raised over $17 million and have contributed to the development, production, and promotion of close to 170 projects. The Talent Fund has been an essential resource to many emerging filmmakers from all four corners of the country.

A contribution to the Talent Fund has a direct impact on the health and economic prosperity of the Canadian audiovisual industry while generating significant financial benefits for the entire cultural sector.


Produce. Promote. Recognize.

Building dreams and igniting careers

By providing a vehicle to involve private donors and sponsors to support the development of Canada’s creative talent, the Talent Fund has helped foster new, otherwise undiscovered talent, who now have the resources to reach the top.

“The Talent Fund can be a major player in encouraging new voices in Canadian cinema to take risks and make films in new ways and places, tranforming the cinematic landscape in this country.”


Director, Werewolf





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