Firecrackers receives global accolades

First-time director Jasmin Mozaffari was one of the five helmers at the 2018 AFM Independent Director Roundtable featured by The Hollywood Reporter.

I made this film for less than $250,000, so if it gets any theatrical release, that would be an achievement. But it would be great if people could see it in the theater, since the audience I’m gearing toward is young, particularly young women. I don’t want to pigeonhole young viewers, but I know they watch things on their laptops with their cellphones on, and if you tune out of my film at any time, it is not going to have the impact that I’ve seen people [experience] when they’ve watched it in the theater.” – Jasmin Mozaffari

At the 2018 Stockholm International Film FestivalFirecrackers won two awards for Best Film and Best Actress (Michaela Kurimsky).

In a recent interview with Jasmin, we got a chance to learn more about her first feature film, Firecrackers, and her thoughts on the evolving landscape of the Canadian film industry:

I think the Talent to Watch Program is so important for developing new and diverse voices in the Canadian film industry that had previously not been able to tell their stories in the way that they wanted to. The Talent to Watch Program is going to give under-represented and diverse voices a chance to make something really special. And I think that in the next few years we’re going to see all these different people who had never had a chance, or maybe wouldn’t have had a chance five or ten years ago to make a film, emerge and really take over the Canadian film industry. I think that the Canadian film industry is going to look different because of the Talent to Watch program but in a really amazing and exciting way.” – Jasmin Mozaffari