Black Cop Wins John Dunning Discovery Award at CSAs

The CSAs Bell Media Lounge ended on a high note as the Talent Fund-supported Micro-Budget film Black Cop won the John Dunning Discover Award at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards.

Black Cop is a psychological drama that follows the day in the life of a black police officer who, after facing countless acts of abuse against his colour and his character, decides to flip the script – inflicting violent abuse of power onto the white oppressor.

Writer/Director Cory Bowles thanked the Talent Fund in his impassioned acceptance speech on stage at the special presentation of the award:

Thank you to the Talent Fund and Telefilm who supported this. The Micro-Budget filmmaking has really changed the game in this country. It’s really proof that everyone that’s putting out these exceptional movies that have been ripping the critics and festival circuit – it’s a real testament to our stories as Canadians, and our voice as Canadians and I share this with everyone out there that’s grinding, making our movies from $50,000 to $250,000 and really proving that we can do these things”

The story began in the mind of Bowles who initially shot and produced Black Cop as a short film. Realizing that this was a story that needed a bigger screen to be told properly, producer Aaron Horton joined Bowles to team up and make Black Cop into a full-length feature film.

When speaking about the creation of Black Cop, Bowles was candid about his personal struggle when making the film:

“This was a challenging and risky project. I was really trying to figure out my own feelings towards police officers. I started to study the dilemma about how social media dictates the conversation.” – Cory Bowles, Writer/Director, Black Cop.

An incredibly moving and heroic film and, Black Cop is available now on Rendez-Vous Canada. Visit to watch the best that Canadian film has to offer!