Talent Fund Celebrates 5 years!

Established in 2012, the Talent Fund is a group of private and corporate donors that are passionate about supporting Canadian Film. Having privately raised over $15 million, the Talent Fund has been involved in more than 50 productions that have earned over 70 awards around the world.

With the core tenants to Produce, Promote, and Recognize Canadian talent, Talent Fund donors understand the importance of giving a platform to emerging filmmakers because they are the voice of Canada’s next storytellers.

“It’s a private donation fund that really focuses on emerging talents here in Canada. It’s our next generation of strong creators… We just need to be able to tell them, ‘Canada is supporting you and it’s supporting your specific talent.’” – Karine Vanasse, Actress, Talent Fund Ambassador

“It’s important to invest in emerging talent from across Canada, because these young people represent what Canada is as a country, and they take our stories and our talent to the world scene.” – Hartley T. Richardson, Talent Fund Advisory Committee Chair

“I think the Talent Fund is doing something very, very important in giving these young, emerging filmmakers an opportunity to show their craft, their talent and their passion.” – Christine Magee, Advisory Committee Member