Emerging Filmmakers Celebrated at Film Festivals Across Canada

As the 2017 Film Festival Season comes to a close, Talent Fund supported Micro-Budget Program recipients have been celebrated across the country.


A portrait of five Vancouverites living on society’s fringes during the 2010 Winter Olympics, Luk’Luk’I takes us into uncharted territory, falling somewhere between a fiction we need to see and a documentary we wish didn’t have to exist. Written, directed and edited by Wayne Wapeemukwa, Luk’Luk’I was awarded the TIFF Best Canadian First Feature Award, and received the Best BC Film Award at VIFF. Luk’Luk’I was also honoured by the DGC with their Discovery Award.

Black Cop

A black police officer is pushed to the edge, taking out his frustrations on the privileged community he’s sworn to protect. Inspired by the “horrible phenomenon of young men being carded and tensions between police and race relations,” Cory Bowles’ created Black Cop which was released across the country to critical acclaim. The film won both The Gordon Parsons Award for Best Atlantic Feature and Best Director at the Atlantic International Film Festival. Black Cop also won the Best Canadian Feature Prize at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Feature Film Award for the Best Canadian Drama 2017 at the Edmonton International Film Festival.

The Sun at Midnight

Set at the Arctic Circle, The Sun at Midnight tells the story of an unexpected friendship between a hunter obsessed with finding a missing caribou herd and a teenage rebel who gets lost while on the run. The Sun at Midnight won Best Feature Film, Adolescent Section, at the Carrousel International Film Festival.

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Les faux tatouages

Directed by Pascale Plante, Les faux tatouages is a love story set to a punk soundtrack about a one-night stand that turned into so much more. The film captures adolescent turmoil on the margins. A sensitive slice of life with plenty of character. Les faux tatouages was awarded the Grand prix focus at Festival du nouveau cinéma 2017.