On the eves of the Movie Nights Across Canada events in Halifax and Calgary, members of the Talent Fund Advisory Committee, along with Telefilm Micro-Budget recipients and such high-profile Canadian onscreen talent as Cathy Jones (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Amber Marshall (Heartland), and Shaun Johnson (Heartland), came together to toast the importance of Canadian film.

Hosted by Margaret Anne Fountain in Halifax and Ann McCaig in Calgary, these nights were a chance for past recipients of the Micro-Budget Production Program to meet and thank the donors who made their dreams a reality.

“The Talent Fund…are people who are passionate about filmmaking, even if they are not film makers themselves. They are passionate about the arts and supporting artists and emerging talent in our community.” – Scott Westby, Producer, In Plainview (Feature Film 2016-2017)

“I’ve been, for fifteen years, wanting to direct my first feature film and without the supporters of the Talent Fund it wouldn’t have happened. I can say to [the Talent Fund] without a word of a lie that [they] have made dreams come true, so thank you to the Talent Fund and to all its supporters.” – Matt Watterworth, Director, In Plainview (Feature Film 2016-2017)