Support Canada’s audiovisual industry by investing in emerging talent

Dedicated to the development of emerging filmmakers

The creation of content, and films in particular, is an important economic and cultural catalyst that contributes to a rich and prosperous Canadian society. By supporting emerging filmmakers and their productions, the Talent Fund directly encourages and stimulates Canada’s thriving audiovisual industry.

Fostering a thriving film industry

To date, we have raised over $15 million and have contributed to the development, production, and promotion of over 70 projects. The Talent Fund has been an essential resource to many emerging filmmakers from all four corners of the country.

Our partners

Industry professionals, patrons, and partner companies play an essential role in supporting Canada’s arts and culture.

Message from the Chair

“The Fund allows filmmakers to develop more Canadian content and to tell great stories. This is a superb opportunity for all Canadians to support and showcase Canadian talent.”

Join the Canadian film community

Arts and culture contribute to building a strong, vibrant Canadian identity. By supporting young creative talent from coast-to-coast, you are contributing in making our audiovisual industry thrive.



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